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           Standard version, one measuring channel:
                        - n° 1 electro-pneumatic cabinet
                          ( dimensions 500x500mm, h=266mm)


Differential pressure decay leak measurement.
Resolution: 1 Pa
Clean and dry air required.
Possibility to regulate test pressure:
Positive pressure from 0 to 6 bar
Negative pressure from 0 to 0.7 bar
Possibility to set up:
- Filling time;
- Stabilizing time;
- Testing time;
- Good/reject treshold;
Supply: 110/220 Vac, 24Vdc

Price convenience quickly increasing with the number of measuring channels.

Easy parallel interface to every logic unit (PLC). Serial link available on request.

Leak tests were born on automotive industry demand. Usually tested components are:
. cylinder head;
. cylinder block;
. water pump;
. manifolds;
. complete engines and transmissions;

Availability to supply complete turnkey leak test machines.